Shift Gears

Our transportation culture is changing.  As a community we are not only asking, "Where are we going?"  but also,  "How do we get there?"  We recognize that our transportation decisions impact the quality of life in our region from the cleanliness of our air to the opportunities we make to connect with our neighbors.  As individuals, we can save money, reduce stress, and improve our health by making less drive-alone trips.

Be part of the equation

GreenTrips highlights the many alternative transportation options and strategies available to our region.  You do not have to abandon the car entirely to make a difference in your community and personal life; every trip counts.  Find your element(s) today!

  • On the Bus, On My Own

    15 year old Zachary Cross and his father, Jeffrey Cross, share their experiences and decision as a family to encourage Zachary to walk, bike, and bus on his own.

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  • EPB Shares Its Environmental Goals

    “ taking care of the environment is really an extension of our public service mission.”

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  • Sharing the love of bikes

    Groups like the Bicycle Pedestrian Task Force, Greenway associations, and even neighborhood associations are great ways to get involved.

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