Reach Milestones

Milestones are rewards for taking a specific number of trips. Once you’ve logged the pre-determined number of trips for the milestone, you will automatically earn the reward! Milestone Rewards are our way of thanking you for consistently using GreenTrips.

How to earn Milestone Rewards

  1. Register.
  2. Log your Green Trips in the calendar to accumulate points.
    - One point for every qualifying green trip* 
    - 6 points maximum per day
  3. When you have accumulated the required number points indicated for each milestone, you will automatically earn the reward.
    - Note: you will still be able to enter contests and purchase rewards.
  4. Be sure to log your trips by 11:59pm on the 5th of the next month to be eligible for the milestone.

*Qualifying trips: Carpool, biking, walking, transit, and telecommuting trips which begin or end in the GreenTrips region.

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