Purchase Rewards

With Purchase Rewards, you spend your points on the prizes you want. Purchase Rewards give you the certainty of knowing exactly what reward(s) you will receive each month. Points will be deducted from your Purchase Rewards total only.

Use your Points to Purchase Rewards

  1. Register.
  2. Log your Green Trips in the calendar to accumulate points.
    - One point for every qualifying green trip* 
    - 6 points maximum per day
  3. When you have accumulated the required number points indicated for each reward, simply request the reward(s) of your choice.
    - For each prize redeemed below your Purchase Reward points will be deducted (you will not lose Sweepstakes or Milestone points), so spend your Purchase points on the specific item(s) you really want. 
    - For example, if you have accumulated 60 points, you can purchase 1 reward for 15 points and 1 reward for 40 points, with 5 points remaining. Or you can purchase 4 rewards requiring 15 points each.
    * Note, you would still be able to enter each Sweepstakes Contest 12 times and be eligible for a Milestone reward.
  4. Be sure to purchase rewards by 11:59pm on the 5th of the next month, because your points will not rollover.

*Qualifying trips: Carpool, biking, walking, transit, and telecommuting trips which begin or end in the GreenTrips region.

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