Find Carpools & More

GreenTrips can help you find other members to carpool, ride transit, walk, or bike with that have compatible schedules and routes on  Save money while adding some social fun to your travel time.

There are two options to find trip partners: (A) a recurring commute or (B) a single trip.  Log on or register today to begin searching for travel companions.

(A) Commute Matching

1. Create/Edit your Commute Profile

* When setting up your Commute Profile within your account settings, enter your common start and end destinations and other matching options. Expert biker? List yourself as a bike mentor.  New to biking? Search for a bike mentor to help you become comfortable traveling your route.  If you know the bus system like the back of your hand, you can list your self as a transit guide to help navigate the bus routes.

2. Search for Matches

3. View your Matches

4. Contact a Match to Plan a Trip Together


(B) Single Trip Matching

You can 1. search for other members' trips you would like to join or 2. post a trip you have coming up that you would like to share the ride.

1. Search others' Trips

Log in to (Find Trip Partners - Single Trip Matching) and search and see if any other member is taking a trip with similar route and time. If you find a match, simply contact the member to request the trip.

2. Post your Trip

Log in to (Find Trip Partners - Single Trip Matching), click the 'Post a Trip' button and enter your one-time trip information. Your trip will be posted for other members to view and request.

Watch the video for more information: