Why GreenTrips?

The bad news

It's inconvenient to be stuck in traffic, and those extra minutes add up over the course of the year. According to global transportation research group INRIX, Chattanooga peak-hour congestion cost us $115 million in lost productivity last year—$749 and 18 hours per person.

The scary thing is, that's less than half the national average of 42 hours lost to peak-hour congestion.

Worse than the financial impact, though, are the effects traffic congestion has on health. According to 2010 study from the Harvard School of Public Health, pollution from traffic congestion contributes to 2,200 premature deaths annually in the U.S. and costs our health system $18 billion.

The good news

Over the course of our first three-year grant, GreenTrips members helped avoid over 2.1 million pounds of airborne pollution and helped reduce traffic congestion by traveling more than 3.1 million miles sustainably.

Your time, health, and income are incredibly valuable, but traffic congestion and air pollution cut into all three. Thankfully, it's easy to join the thousands of people across our community who are burning Calories and saving time and money by getting there with GreenTrips.