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Last year, we re-published a GreenTrips profile Unum produced on Lori Jacob as part of a series highlighting the top GreenTrip taker each month. Since then, they’ve published more profiles and have graciously allowed us to share some of the stories on our blog. With nearly 20,000 trips logged to date, Unum’s great support has enabled the company to avoid over 128,000 Lbs of pollution through GreenTrips.

Chris and Karen Fason
Unum has another GreenTripper couple! Meet Chris and Karen Fason (photo to the left). They had the most Unum-logged Green trips for November and December, 2015. Chris Fason, Technology Capability Manager, has been with Unum since 2000 and Karen Luna-Fason, Test Engineer, since 2003. Being at the same work location makes it easy for the family to own only one vehicle. They log a lot of carpool trips and when a conflict with scheduling arises, they are both able to telecommute by working from home.

Their love of the outdoors has them hiking, trail running, and walking to keep an active lifestyle in check. In fact, they are advocates for Wild Trails, a nonprofit organization that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle through trail running and other forms of outdoor recreation. Wild Trails also is a champion to protect and preserve land (natural spaces) used for such activities.

Jennifer Gates

Jennifer Gates is Unum’s Green Tripper for the month of June. Jennifer logged enough GreenTrips to rack up 126 points, making her the top Tripper. Jennifer is a Lead Disability Benefits Specialist and has been with the company since 1996. She carpools and walks weekly and logs these trips on GreenTrips.

Tiffany Fisher

Tiffany Fisher has been at Unum for only 10 months, but she has already made a huge Green impact. She is our July 2016 GreenTripper of the Month! Jennifer is a Customer Service Specialist II. With a combination of carpooling to work and sharing the ride on the weekends, she is able to log a high number of trips on GreenTrips.

Highlighting employees is a great way to encourage participation in GreenTrips and make taking GreenTrips fun. If you want to get your workplace involved with GreenTrips, let us know at


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