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Chattanooga offers residents & visitors alike plenty of fun-filled activities - just whip out your phone & you can easily find a great event nearby. Thanks to new apps & services from local transportation providers, you can get to the events just as easily, whether you’re walking, biking, carpooling, or hopping on a CARTA bus or shuttle.

Thanks to a partnership with Google Transit, CARTA bus routes are available on Google Maps (travel times are still a little exaggerated on Google Maps, though). This integration allows smartphone users to find their way by bus with the same ease as finding your way to a new restaurant or a friend’s house, making it that much easier to take CARTA for the first time. “This is a way to reach new CARTA users, although I feel that our existing users will also benefit from this integration,” said Annie Powell, CARTA’s Manager of Research & Grants. You can find more information on CARTA fares & where to get passes here. Remember, CARTA’s electric shuttles are always free & are on Google Maps now, too.

If you prefer texting to searching, you can also text the intersection or landmark of your stop to CARTAtext at 423-424-1321 to receive route & schedule information. For instance, texting “Hamilton Place Mall” lets you know that “two #4 buses headed to Downtown will arrive in Hamilton Place Mall in 10m, 20m”. “7th & Market” will provide information on all the routes that pass through that stop.

If you want even more of the world at your fingertips, check out the Transit app. Transit  starts with a map of the nearest available transportation options, such as CARTA buses & shuttles, Bike Chattanooga stations, & Uber cars. You can search for directions to specific places, set frequent locations (such as your home & work) & see how long it will take to get around using various modes of transportation.

Using the app with CARTA is very easy. It starts by showing bus or shuttle routes that stop near you in order of arrival. You can tap on the route to see it on a map & find additional arrival times to plan your trip. 

Transit also lets you see how many open docks & available bikes nearby Bike Chattanooga stations have. If you are standing near a station, just tap on it & you can purchase a 24-hour or 3-day pass, or redeem a gift code. You’ll get an access code good for 5 minutes, so make sure you are standing beside the station when you decide to purchase the bike. Joannah Burkhardt, Assistant General Manager for Bike Chattanooga, said the 5-minute timer is in place because this is not a reservation & the  access codes are station-specific. If your time expires, though, you can easily get a new code. New users can also enter credit card information with their phones’ cameras, as opposed to typing in credit card numbers. “This is just another way to help locals and visitors plan their trips around town,”she said. More Information from Bike Chattanooga about the Transit App can be found here.

Last but not least, don’t forget that GreenTrips is mobile friendly as well. You can log your trips, redeem your points for prizes, or find commute partners & routes (such as bike buddies, carpools, or CARTA routes) on our mobile site. Just visit from a mobile device to sign up & get started!


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