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We are excited to announce the return of trip logging, ride matching, and rewards functionality to GreenTrips! Our new site will be up and running on Wednesday, November 1st, and has several new features, including:

iOS app

  • Our iOS app is ready to go, as well as a much-improved mobile experience for all users. Just look for GreenTrips in the App Store (and don’t forget to rate the app after using it, please)!

New ways to log trips

  • If you use Strava to track bike trips, MapMyWalk for walking, or Lyft Line to carpool, you can sync your accounts and watch the points roll in. Qualifying trips from these (and other) services will be automatically logged for you.
  • Before, when you saved a regular commute, you would still have to log each day before the end of the month. Now, we will pre-populate those trips for you, and you can confirm that you took them. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email; if you don’t confirm that you took your reoccurring trips, they will be deleted to ensure accurate trip tracking. 

New ways to find ride matches
You've had the ability to find potential matches based on proximity, schedule, and workplace. Our new site will have even more great ways to connect, including:

  • Along-the-way matches: Find folks en route, not just near your start or end point.
  • Facebook friends: You have the option of connecting your Facebook account to see who you already know that might want to share the ride.
  • Multilingual support: Pas d’anglais? Pas de problème! You can now add the languages you speak to your profile, and find others who speak (or are learning) the same ones. Why not get some practice in as you carpool?

You may also notice a few changes to how things work, starting with the larger number and variety of rewards options. We are glad to have this great network of rewards in place, but we realize the quantity can be a little overwhelming at first. Thankfully, our new rewards system allows you to select specific categories or filter by expiration date or point value so you can redeem your points for just the reward you want.

Rewards & Raffles
In addition to the discounts and promotional offers in the rewards category, you can also enter random drawings for prizes under the “raffles” button. Please note that unlike our old system, you simply “spend” your points every time you enter to win a prize or claim a reward. Your total points will be reduced by the amount that you spend on each reward. Don’t worry, though - each day you can earn up to 200 additional points with GreenTrips.

There are also two new changes specifically for the random drawing rewards.

  • To ensure that our “raffle” random drawing prizes are enjoyed by as many users as possible, you will need to claim your prize within 24 hours of receiving your rewards notification. If you received an email indicating you've won, please follow the included instructions to claim your prize.
  • Help us share the good news about GreenTrips! Another new feature is that we will use your name & photograph to highlight the great rewards we offer. Please know that we are glad to use the photograph of your choice—if you would rather not use a photo of yourself, that is just fine. This will help spread the word about GreenTrips and make the program a friendlier place. The discounts and offers in “rewards” do not carry this requirement.

All these incentives are our way of saying thank you for reducing traffic congestion and air pollution by getting there with GreenTrips. We hope you enjoy the new system!


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