Carpooling is one of the easiest ways to get started with GreenTrips. GreenTrips lets you find carpool matches from among your neighbors, coworkers, and even Facebook friends. Whether it’s a trip you take every day, once a week, or only once in a while, there’s a chance someone near you can share the ride.

A little foresight goes a long way.
When you are getting ready to start your carpool, make sure you address common concerns on the front end. These include questions like:

  • How to split driving responsibilities & gas money.
  • What to do if you’re running late.
  • Sometimes meeting in a central location can be more convenient. When thinking about where to meet, remember that CARTA has several park and ride lots available for carpooling.

Staying flexible:
One common concern with carpooling is the idea that you will be stuck at your destination, dependant on the driver’s schedule. Fear not—CARTA, Bike Chattanooga, and Green Commuter are just some of the ways you have to add more flexibility to your day:

  • CARTA’s free, electric shuttle runs from the South Side to the NorthShore in downtown Chattanooga. Just hop on and hop off when you get near your destination.
  • For quick errands, try Bike Chattanooga. With 37 stations stretching from St. Elmo to the Chickamauga Dam and many places in between, Bike Chattanooga is an easy, convenient way to get around.
  • CARTA keeps Chattanooga connected with a great system of bus routes as well. If you need to go farther than walking or biking will get you, CARTA is the way to go.
  • Need to go even farther or on a specific timeframe? Check out Green Commuter. Their cars are available throughout our community. Just make a reservation, pick up the car, and return and plug it in at the same spot when you’re done. With base rates of just $7 an hour, this is an affordable way to stay flexible all day.

The Transit app (and, coming soon, the GreenTrips app) has station information, route options, and more for all these ways to get around in a single spot, so go ahead and take the plunge with carpooling today!