Working at home a few days a week, instead of going into the office, saves you the stress, time, and cost of commuting, while allowing you to work from the comfort of your own home.

Telework: Is it for me?
Home Office Set Up
Tips for Teleworkers

Telework: Is it for me?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if telework is for you:

  • Is my home a suitable place to work?Do I have a suitable place in my home to work?
  • Am I willing to provide my own equipment if need be?
  • Do I communicate well with my supervisor?
  • Do I routinely perform tasks that can be done out of the office (phone/computer related)?
  • Can these tasks be done independently?
  • Can quality and quantity of work be measured and documented?
  • Is the need for face-to-face interaction minimal?

Home Office Set Up

A home office should be an environment where you:
  • Can work uninterrupted, preferably with a door;
  • Have good lighting; and
  • Have adequate heating, cooling and ventilation.
Equipment needs may include:
  • Computer and printer/scanner;
  • Software (compatible with office software);
  • Remote access software;
  • Fax machine;
  • Telephone and dedicated phone line; and
  • Ergonomic furniture.

Tips for Teleworkers

  1. Clarify with your manager, in advance, what you’ll be working on when you telecommute. Show your manager what you’ve completed when you return to the office.
  2. Take more work with you than you think you’ll be able to finish.
  3. Make sure you have everything you need (files, reference materials, phone numbers, office supplies, etc.).
  4. Avoid calling the office to ask others to look things up.
  5. Designate a work area and hours to help you keep your work life separate from your home life.
  6. Establish a routine and take regular breaks to avoid overworking.
  7. Be aware of distractions such as family members, chores, neighbors, pets, weather, television, internet, and the refrigerator.
  8. Set ground rules with other household members
  9. Make suitable dependent-care arrangements.
  10. Treat telework days like normal workdays, not like a weekend or holiday.
  11. Avoid holding meetings in your home because of 3rd party liability.