How to Ride the Bus

Follow these four simple steps, and you'll be riding the bus like a pro: 

1. Plan your trip.   Find out what bus you need with smartphone apps TransitApp or Mooveit, or by checking CARTA’s routes and Schedules.  If you need assistance, call the CARTA Information Line at (423) 629-1473, TDD users (423) 624-4534, Monday through Saturday from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.  Tell the customer service representative where you are and where you want to go, and the representative will provide you with the information you need.  CARTA bus schedules are also available at many of the local banks, shopping malls, social service agencies, hospitals, colleges and universities, the downtown post office, public libraries and at CARTA.

2. Wait for the bus at the bus stop.  CARTA bus stops are identified by red, white and blue signs.  As CARTA bus drivers try very hard to stay on schedule, get to your bus stop a few minutes early to make sure that you don’t miss the bus.  Before you board the bus, make sure that you are getting on the right bus by checking the destination and route number on the signs above the front windshield and on the curb side of the bus.

3. Have your bus fare or unlimited ride bus pass ready when you board the bus.  Click here for fare details.  Please have exact change as neither the CARTA bus drivers nor the fare boxes can make change.   If you need to recharge your unlimited ride pass, please tell your bus driver.   A 24-hour unlimited ride pass can be purchased on board from your bus driver.  A 31-day unlimited ride pass can be purchased at the downtown branch of First Tennessee Bank, the Hamilton Place branch of First Tennessee Bank on Hamilton Place Boulevard, the Chattanooga Parking Authority on Market Street next to the Choo Choo, and at the CARTA administrative office at 1617 Wilcox Boulevard. 

4. When you get close to your destination, pull the yellow cord or press the yellow tape above your head or between the windows.  This lets the bus driver know that you want to get off at the next bus stop.  CARTA bus drivers can only stop at the designated bus stops and where it is safe.

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