Extend Your Reach

Life happens: sometimes things pop up more than a few steps away. Walking doesn’t mean you’re limited, though. Check out these great ways to easily add some flexibility to your foot-powered trip:

Bike Chattanooga: A quick bike ride can go farther or faster than walking. With 37 stations and 334 bikes, Bike Chattanooga is a great option throughout the downtown Chattanooga area.
Pro tip: Use the Transit app to unlock a bike. Your access code only lasts for five minutes, so unlock en route and you’ll be good to go!

CARTA’s free electric shuttle and comfy, climate-controlled buses are an easy way to get around in Chattanooga.
Pro tip: purchase a stored-value Flex Pass and load it with enough fare for several trips. Throw the card in your wallet or purse and pay for the trips you take with no need for exact change. The value doesn’t expire, so you’re good to go with just a tap!

Green Commuter is a new way to stay flexible throughout the day. Reserve one of their 100% zero-emission Nissan Leafs (Leaves?) and pick it up from one of their convenient charging stations. Just return and plug the car in when you’re done. With With base rates of $7.00 an hour, it’s a great way to increase your range without increasing your carbon footprint.

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