Where to Walk

Think of all the trips that you take in a week that are less than one mile. The average person can walk a mile in only 20 minutes.  Maybe your work, child’s school, favorite restaurant, neighborhood park, recreation center, corner store, or place of worship are within a mile of where you live. Perhaps your gym, favorite coffee shop, the post office, or a client’s office where you meet regularly are within a mile of where you work. These are all great trips to take on foot!

Walking Attractions

An attractive environment can make walking even more enjoyable. Click on the links below to learn about promenades, parks, and public art installations in the area. 

Chattanooga Park Facilities
Northshore Shopping District - Frazier Avenue
Bluff View Art District
Main Terrain Art Park
Art on Main Street
University Greenway
Lookout Mountain Guild-Hardy Trail

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